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Studio Motel La Croisière

1087, Route 138
Les Bergeronnes (Qc)
G0T 1G0

Phone : 418.232.6247

Proprietors and Hosts

Captain, Louis-Marie Caron

“For 30 years I navigated the St-Laurence River, 13 of which were spent in the Québec City area. The next 17 years of my life were spent navigating the Tadoussac area as Captain and owner of a 250-passengers catamaran. I enjoyed many years on the water with over 3800 whale watching expeditions. Each year, I had the privilege of offering approximately 25,000 guests the opportunity to observe whales and other marine life in their natural element. In 2013, I decided that it was time to spend more time on land to explore a new venture. I acquired our Motel and kept the name since it included the name “Croisière” which means cruise. Staying true to my past, it seamed well suited. I have a few stories to share of my life on the catamaran so feel free to ask, I am always happy to share my experiences. I would like to welcome you to Bergeronnes, an area that is dear to me and is unique and rich in marine life. Come discover why!”

Suzanne (Suzie) Vézina

“Native of Québec City, I relocated to live on Lake Gobeil near Bergeronnes, Québec in 2001. From an early age I always dreamed of living by the water. The opportunity to wakeup each morning by the water is what convinced me to leave my career behind and make the move. I have yet to look back. As with Louis-Marie, I also worked in Tadoussac until recently as a manager in the hospitality sector. Life sometimes takes us in a direction that we never expected, so here I am today enjoying this new adventure. This time we are navigating towards a new destination and it’s on land! We look forward to seeing you.”


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